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Hosting services offered by InMotion Hosting include shared hosting, reseller hosting, and virtual private servers. Whether you need a reliable and affordable website hosting company for your website, InMotion Hosting may be the right choice.

Their hardware is owned and operated by them, making them one of the few independent web hosting companies. Their market share allows them to own extensive security and DDOS mitigation hardware, which protects your website.

InMotion Hosting Review
Cloudways Pros
FAST Web Hosting with FREE SSDs
FREE SSL Certificate
FREE 1-click installer
FREE cPanel for easy server management
FREE domain to get you started
Cloudways Cons
The transfer process to InMotion Hosting can take time if you are transferring from another web host. Every day, so many new customers sign up for website hosting, which can lead to a backed up transfer queue.
Why InMotion? Click below