In this article, i will share with you the easiest and free method you can use to promote your affiliate links. Firstly, i always advise that you shorten your affiliate links as sometimes they can be very long and most popular websites like Facebook don’t like affiliate links. I recommend you shorten your affiliate links using Or , they are both free to use and also have paid plans.

Now let’s start promoting our shortened affiliate link on these free platforms using free methods ofcourse!


Ofcourse Youtube videos ranks very fast and well on google. You can easily make a video with your phone and edit it and upload it to your YouTube Channel with your shortened affiliate link in the description of the video. YouTube will rank your video on google within 24 – 48 hours and anyone can easily come across your video via Google and Youtube.

I recommend using these video editing softwares BandiCam and InVideo for your video editing as they are one of the best in the industry and you can use them for free even though they also have paid plans but the free plan can do the job too or you can choose one of the paid plans to gain more control in your video editing. Click on any of the names to check them out.


Did you guess Facebook? if yes, then you are correct. Almost everyone on earth is on Facebook today, so you have to take advantage of Facebook, but you must do it in a very clever manner so that you will not get your account banned or suspended by Facebook.

Simply join Facebook groups in your niche and post in the groups with your shortened affiliate link. Make sure you put your shortened affiliate link in your Facebook profile bio. Then always comment on other peoples posts and comments to make people notice you and maybe click on your profile to check you out and they may even click on your bio link which is your affiliate link and then end up converting into a customer.

The best free method i uses most of the time and also advises people to use is to create a Facebook page in your niche, then customize the page and add page logo, banner, link to your website or shortened affiliate link, etc. To learn how to customize your Facebook page to success, click here

After customizing your page, then post your ads images with an attractive description and your shortened affiliate link to the advertised products. Then, copy the page link or url and paste it in the groups anytime you want to post or comment on other people’s posts and comments. This way, Facebook will never ban you and you stand a good chance of converting anyone that visits the link into a customer.


Quora is simply a question and answer platform so you take advantage of that by looking for questions in your niche to answer. You can sign up on Quora today for free. Make sure you upload your photo or niche logo and tell people what you do or how you can help them in the description, also include your shortened affiliate link in the description.

After that, Start posting contents on your Quora page, you can ask your own questions and also look for questions in your niche to answer, then direct them to read more of the article/answer on your website, then paste your website link where your affiliate link is, so that anyone that visits the webpage will then click on your affiliate link after reading more of the articles on your webpage or website. This way, Quora will not ban or delete your account.

In order not to make this article too long, In conclusion, you can use the Facebook method on Twitter, Instagram, etc. Then you can use the Quora method on and similar sites.

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