Besides taking surveys online on sites like star-clicks and getting paid by performing some tasks. There are two best and major ways to make good money online today. The first one is to become an advertiser or become a publisher.

As an advertiser, you create a product and register it with affiliate networks like and have them drive sales to your product from their affiliate marketers, While as a publisher, you joins any affiliate network, find a product or service to promote to your audience or email list and when someone buy, you get a certain permission.

So in this article, i will assume that you are a publisher. So the first thing you must do is to join some affiliate network like or don’t work in every country, there are some countries that they blocked from using their service, so i recommend except you are in a country that can use

1) Firstly choose a niche (For example; Fitness, Health, Beauty, Wealth, Relationship, etc)

2) After that, go to or, register an account with them as an affiliate

3) Go to their marketplace, select the category in your niche

4) Copy the affiliate link of the product or service that you would like to promote

5) Now that you have the affiliate link of the product that you would like to promote, you can now start getting people to click on your link and maybe buy the product to enable you get a commission and make money!

How do i promote my affiliate link?

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