How To Get Blog Traffic With An Email List

How to get blog traffic with an Email List in a Very Unique Way that Works!

Your major aims when blogging is to get more traffic for your blog. Having more traffic helps you accomplish your goals for your blog, whatever those aims and goals may be. Though there are various ways you can get traffic, one of the easiest ways is with an EMAIL LIST.

Although email seems to have gone out of fashion, it still works very effectively in conjunction with your blog. One of the easiest ways to get more traffic is to turn your blog into an email e-zine with a tool like Constant Contact.

Using such tool, your blog posts are sent out automatically. You don’t have to do anything other than make your normal blog posts, and your readers will receive them by email each day. This means that they will be regular readers, and it ensures that you will stay at the top of their mind.

There are lots of tools out there but i highly recommend Constant Contact because they offer a FREE 30 Days Trial and with NO Credit Card Submission! So before the FREE 30 Days Trial elapses, we believe you will have already started building an email list and can make enough money to cover the cost! This is why i recommend Constant Contact to you.

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Let’s look at three reasons you should use email in conjunction with your blog, and build an email list.

Three reasons to build an email list to get blog traffic:

1. You will turn casual blog readers into subscribers

Even though you receive traffic to your blog every day, very little of those visitors will ever come back. This is for the reason that they arrived at your blog for a specific reason, and once that purpose is fulfilled they have no reason to revisit.

An email list allows you to change those casual visitors into regular readers. It also enables you to build a relationship with them.

2. You can realize the goals you set for your blog

An email list also assists you to accomplish all the goals you set for your blog. For instance if your blog’s goal is to sell products, you have more opportunities to sell when you’re in constant contact with your readers. If your goal is to sell your services, then your subscribers will become familiar with you, and with what you provide, and they’re more likely to hire you.

If you sell advertising on your blog, you can sell advertising to your feed, or just provide a shortened feed via email, so that your subscribers have to visit your blog to read the entire post — and view your advertising of course.

3. You can sell to your subscribers to generate blog income

While you keep on blogging, your goals for your blog will change. nevertheless, your email list continues to be a great marketing tool and over time you will build a list with hundreds if not thousands of subscribers.

An extra benefit of having an email list is that if you ever come to a decision to sell your blog, the fact that you have an email list means that you can set a higher price on your blog – – an email list turns your blog into a viable business.

Make public your email list

Once you’ve set up your list, it’s essential that you publicize this facility. The more you publicize your list and the profits of joining, the more subscribers you will obtain. The majority of list owners propose a reward for joining such as a free report or a white paper.

At this moment, you know what a list is capable of doing for your blog, I encourage you to start one today. A list builds loyalty, and for a blog owner loyal readers are gold.

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