Best WordPress Theme for your eCommerce Website

When building a website with WordPress which is the #1 Content Management Software right now in the world, especially an online store, you must firstly find a theme that is atleast Responsive (Mobile Friendly) and SEO Friendly to enable you have a successful website as Search engines like Google ranks the websites that are fast, responsive and well optimized higher than their competitors. Astra Theme is the theme to choose!

Why Choose Astra for your eCommerce store

Astra is fast in loading, responsive and well optimized, not to mention but few. Infact, Astra Theme has all that your website requires to rank number one on google.

I have been working with WordPress themes for more than 7years now and can confidently recommend Astra Themes to anyone who would love to build a profitable and unique website for any kind of business including an online store.

Astra Theme is Fast in Loading

Astra is not only mobile friendly and seo friendly, but is also a light-weight and highly customizable theme that helps you create a fast, feature-rich and beautiful WooCommerce store with minimum setup. It may interest you to know that Astra theme now powers over 700,000+ websites and has over 3,300+ five-star ratings on

Even a Non-Techy can customize Astra ThemeIt has been equipped with inbuilt integration for WooCommerce that offers full compatibility to your store with elegant design.

The goodnews is that you do not need to be a (professional) web developer to build a professional website for yourself or clients as with Astra, you can customize your store easily without writing a single line of code.

Astra Theme is Secure

Astra has both Free and Pro Themes. The Free theme gives required customization options while The Pro extends the list of stunning features.

The Astra free theme with WooCommerce enables you to choose a content width on the archive page and even decide a number of columns to list products on all devices. Infact, there are so much more that you can do with the Astra free theme with WooCommerce, to mention but a few, it gives you control over the product display as it gives you the ability to decide the number of products per page, as well as decide to show a sidebar on WooCommerce pages, add-to-cart option in your website header menu, and lots more!

While the Astra Pro addon with WooCommerce provides you with various powerful options that give you full control over store designing, and ofcourse not excluding the great options the free Astra theme offered.

Just to mention but a few of the various powerful options that Astra Pro addon with WooCommerce provides; You can display products and product-categories making it easier for users to find the right type of products they’re looking for.

Furthermore, you can customize the followings with Astra Pro;

Sale Bubble and style it.

Grid and List view style for products on the shop page.

Enhanced customization for individual products page –

  • Product image gallery layout
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Add To Cart Styling
  • Product Navigation
  • Related & Up-Sell Products

Quick View option for products.

Two-Step Checkout with Coupon Field and Distraction-Free Checkout option

Custom styling for Checkout page

Offcanvas Sidebar.

Now let us talk about the reason why you should consider Astra as your first choice for your WooCommerce Store:

1)      Astra helps you reduce time and efforts

Get Started With Astra Pre-Built Starter Templates

The Ready to use free starter templates helps you reduce time and efforts as it is very so easy to customize that even a dummy can customize it in minutes. The Starter Templates is a plugin which you install after installing the Astra Theme, It provides you with a library of stunning ready to use sites and pages. You will have several attractive ready to use website demos built with Astra and WooCommerce to choose from and set up your store in just minutes and without hitch. Each of these can be imported as a complete website or you can pick individual pages as needed.


2)      Mobile Friendly

This means that all the Astra Themes are responsive and can be viewed perfectly on any device, so whether your website visitor visited your website from a desktop computer, laptop computer, or even on their mobile phones, they will be able to view your website and its contents correctly.

3)      Very Fast in Loading

Most people are impatient and so easily gets pissed off when a website takes time to load. They would  immediately exit the website to check another one. So Astra got you covered on this. Astra was built with a clean and optimized code and so ensures blazing-fast loading times.

4)      SEO Friendly

The best important part of Astra themes for me is that the themes are all SEO Friendly, which means that your sites will definitely be loved by Search Engines and so will stand a chance of ranking higher than your competitors.

Astra Theme is Well Optimized

May I reveal to you right now that my website and also those of my clients are built with Astra themes. So I don’t just recommend any product that I have not used or tested before. As a matter of fact, I have a video on my YouTube Channel where I showed how you can use Astra to build a complete website in 10 Minutes, Yes that’s right! In just 10 Minutes! In minimum efforts And even a non-techy can do this. Feel free to check out the video here.

I recommends Astra because it is easy and free to use. Even though you can do a lot with their free versions, but if you want to do more and gain more access to all their powerful features, you can consider upgrading to pro.

I have taken out my time to list out their pricing below for you to have an idea of their Annual and One-Time Lifetime pricing;

Annual Pricing:

Astra Pro — $59.

Mini Agency Bundle — $276 (Special Price — $169).

Agency Bundle — $523 (Special Price — $249).


One-time Lifetime Pricing:

Astra Pro — $249.

Startup — $996 (Special Price — $499).

Agency — $1893 (Special Price — $699).

The beauty is that Both annual and lifetime customers will get access to one-on-one support, extensive training, and unlimited website usage.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating your stunning eCommerce store today with Astra. Click Here to view more information about this Best WordPress Theme for your eCommerce Website.


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