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Let's Get Acquainted!

Looking forward to knowing you too! 🙂

Hello again! Let's get acquainted, why not?! Well once again I am Donald, a professional WordPress Web designer/developer and internet marketer based in South Africa. Basically, I enjoy making money online legitimately! Haha Yes,! it is my number one hobby!

Well it all started few years back, when i lost my job so i angrily decided to become my own boss, honestly it was not easy initially, but with my years of experience and the help of what i call 'a spirit of determination', i started by building and managing websites for individuals and companies as well as doing online marketing for their products and services.

Long story short, today i work for myself and doing just fine. So besides showing you the right tools and services which will help you become more successful online, Also, i have decided to share with you all that i have learnt during the years as well as carry you along as i learn more in the future. So be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on the notification bell so you don't miss a thing!
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Some of My Skills

Hey there! Did you know that the richest man in the world still work? So Who am i?! Haha!
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I have worked with WordPress for over 7years now and love using it to build stunning websites and blogs.

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click, PPC for short, helps me to grow customer base and generate more sales for a client.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO which is Search Engine Optimization in full enables me put a website or blog on search engines

Social Media Marketing

I uses Social Media Marketing to communicate the right messages in the right way to a client's audience.

Social Media Management

I helps Businesses manage their Social Media Accounts, monitor and update their social media channels.

Content Marketing

There’s no better way to tell a company's story than by actually telling a story,that's Content Marketing